1. Normally you arrive and leave on a Saturday, check in after 4 pm. Other arrangements can be made if possible.

2. The object is left well cleaned at the latest at 12 am. If not approved cleaning there will be a service charge of 500 (Croft and Cottage) - 800 (Old House) SEK.

3. When reservation is made we will send a confirming invoice. 20 per cent of the rent must be paid in advance within 10 days of booking and the final payment must be paid 30 days before arrival.

4. You can cancel verbally or in writing. If You cancel 30 days (or earlier) before arrival, You do not need to pay more than the advance payment. If You cancel later than 30 days but before 10 days of arrival, You must pay 70 per cent of the rent. Cancellation 10 days or less before arrival, 100% of the rent is to be payed.

5. A deposit of 500 SEK is made at arrival as security for damage and bad cleaning.

6. Damage and/or loss of inventorys shall be payed by the tenant before departure.

7. Boats shalll be used with care. Life vests shall be used. Children are not allowed to use boats without supervision. Damages must be paid before departure.